Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking for Internet Love

I am 25 years old. 6 foot 2, 190 lbs, Brown hair, great teeth, 7 inch Penis, Gay. I live in the US and I am looking to meet someone like me. I am weird. I like porn and erotica a lot. I have a lot of free time so I surf and masturbate a lot to erotica. I know that sounds funny but I love it. I am a hedonist and nudist. I mostly like jerking off at sites like Smotri, IMGSRC, Ning, and blogger. I lurk on tons of web sites and meet some people who are cool. But normally I do not. I have met people in the most dangerous and completely shady places who were really good people inside. And I have also met Guys through the cleanist websites on earth who were really jerks and very mean and hurtful. What I am saying is that I have met a ton of people on the net. And its hard to meet someone who is really gonna click. So Thats why I am making this crazy post. I guess I would like to meet someone who is into the same things as I am. I do not like to cam I am shy about that so I most likely never will. I like to voice chat though and talk to like minded people. I like phone sex and role play. I don't know what I am saying here... I want to meet someone who wants to talk about everything under the sun. Jerk off together to erotica and show each other cool stuff to cum too and talk about. Someone who really loves surfing the internet, and who is happy, male, gay and into jerking off and voice chatting or just chatting. I love dirty talk, I also like just talking. You probably think I am nuts. I want to make a blog with this person and make it funny and erotic. Nothing Illegal. What else can I say? I am being very honest. I love perverts. I love to cum on myself and in my mouth. LOL.

If you want to be Friends Have SKYPE / or MSN and email me at Want to meet my future partner.